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Floor Shelving / Bookcases

Floor Shellving at Decor Interiors


Welcome to our Floor Shelving / Display Unit Collection – a versatile array of storage solutions designed to bring both functionality and style to your living spaces. Explore our carefully curated selection of floor shelving units, each crafted to cater to different storage needs and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Freestanding Bookshelves: Elevate your reading nook or living room with our Freestanding Bookshelves. These versatile units come in various designs, including open-back, closed-back, ladder-style, and more. Organize your book collection, display decor, or keep essentials neatly stored with these stylish bookshelves.

Cube Shelving Units: Maximize your storage flexibility with our Cube Shelving Units. Featuring modular designs with cube-shaped compartments, these units allow you to create a customized storage solution. Ideal for organizing a variety of items, from books and bins to decorative pieces.

Industrial Shelving: Add a touch of rugged charm to your home with our Industrial Shelving units. Crafted with sturdy materials like metal and often featuring a utilitarian design, these shelves provide a robust storage solution. Perfect for achieving an industrial-inspired aesthetic.

Wooden Shelving Units: Bring warmth and natural elegance to your spaces with our Wooden Shelving Units. Crafted from high-quality wood, these units seamlessly blend with various interior styles. Organize your belongings while enhancing the visual appeal of your home with these timeless shelves.


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