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Customer Breakfast Morning at our Interiors Showroom in Newtownabbey - Our 2 cooks Phil and Daryl were on the BBQ

Bacon & Sausage Baps at the Ready: Breakfast Morning at our Interiors Showroom in Newtownabbey!

Breakfast Morning - Let's reminisce when the entrance to our Interior Showroom turned into a breakfast haven for our Customers, with locally-sourced bacon and sausage baps galore for our Breakfast Morning! It was a day of sipping on steaming cups of coffee, munching on scrumptious baps, and browsing around our exquisite home decor - all at once. Now, let's chat about the delicious details of that fantastic event.

Setting the Scene: Good Vibes and Great Food!

Picture this: the sun was shining brightly outside (between showers!) as customers stepped out of their cars and were greeted by the tantalizing aroma of sizzling bacon and juicy sausages for our Breakfast Morning. The entrance to the showroom was transformed into a cool breakfast spot, complete with rustic tables, chairs and greenery! Friendly staff bustled around, welcoming customers with warm smiles and the BBQ piled high with breakfast goodness. The atmosphere was fun!

Supporting Local: The Key Ingredient

We firmly believed in supporting local businesses, so we teamed up with the finest local butchers and suppliers to curate this breakfast extravaganza. The bacon and sausages were sourced from nearby farms and made freshly that morning, ensuring top-notch quality and a delicious taste that was unrivalled. Each bite was a testament to the care and passion of our local suppliers, and we couldn't have been prouder to be part of this community-driven event.  A big thank you to The Butchers Monkstown! The Butchers Monkstown | Family Run Butchers Based in Newtownabbey

Breakfast and Browse: A Match Made in Heaven

With a piping hot bap in one hand and a cup of freshly brewed coffee in the other, customers were free to explore our stunning showroom. They ogled at our stunning cushion collections, swooned over stylish wallpapers, and envisioned how that trendy rug would tie their living rooms together – all while enjoying mouth-watering breakfast. It was a win-win situation!

Tea and Coffee A-Plenty: The Fuel for Creativity

We all knew that a great cup of tea or coffee could be a catalyst for inspiration. Whether they preferred a classic black tea, a foamy coffee, or a soothing green tea, we had them covered. They fuelled up, and the creative journey awaited!

Networking and Nibbling: A Social Delight

As customers sipped on their beverages and chatted with others, the breakfast morning turned into a lively social event. Old friends chatted on the sofas, new connections were made, and laughter filled the air inside and outside... especially as the Phil and Daryl duo were on the cooking duties!

Conclusion: A Breakfast Morning to Remember

So, there you have it – our interiors showroom transformed into a breakfast paradise, serving up delightful bacon and sausage baps from our cherished local suppliers. It was a morning filled with good food, great company, and customers finding those perfect items for the homes or gifts for a house warming party coming up!

If you were in the neighbourhood, we hope you joined us for breakfast and a browse – we loved having you! And remember, when you support local businesses, you're not just getting fantastic products; you're contributing to the heartbeat of a family run business. Until the next event...

Cheers! 🥓🌭🍵

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