Verge Hexagon Grey Rug by Flair Rugs is made of polyester which fosters very glossy and luxurious effect to the rug, hence making it very appealing to eyes. 

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Simply opulent, we would say Verge is a range of rugs that would make you say “Wow” instantly as you’ll have a look at them.


 Flair rugs offered these rugs are made from polyester which is a super soft synthetic material well known for its anti-fade and non-shedding fibres.


The hand-carved 3D effect on these rugs makes them exclusive in all senses.


A must have home décor accessory having tonal layers is made available to you in red, black, beige, brown, green, aubergine, natural and grey colours so you have got an array of colours to decorate your room with.


Verge Hexagon Grey Rug

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