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Edge Sculpture - Shark Figure by Matt Buckley

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Capture the moment of intense power and beauty with this stunning Edge Sculpture - Shark Figure by Matt Buckley. This one-of-a-kind sculpture presents a mesmerizing composition of intricate detailing and exquisite craftsmanship, allowing you to admire the raw might of this awe-inspiring predator in a luxurious and sophisticated setting.

 The finished clay sculpt 'masters' are then taken to be moulded, each subsequent piece will be carefully hand-cast from this mould using marble polystone, with allows a faithful reproduction of detail and texture applied to the original sculpt. The finishing touch is the skilfull application of hand-painting and finishing, which brings the sculpt to life.

  • Dimensions: H: 31 x W: 59.5 x D: 20.5 cm
  • Colour:  Grey/ Blue
  • Materials: Clay with a special blend of marble stone castings.
  • Delivery: 3 - 7 Days