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Love Industrialism?

Love Industrialism?

Exploring the Origins of Industrial Style

To begin with, let's delve into the origins of industrial style. This aesthetic emerged in the 1960s and 70s as a response to necessity. During this period, artists began migrating to the outskirts of major cities, where they repurposed old factories and warehouses into affordable studios. These spaces, with their expansive windows and high ceilings, provided abundant natural light, making them ideal for artistic pursuits. Furthermore, they were notably more budget-friendly than traditional apartments. Their intrinsic character nurtured creativity and served as the perfect canvas for artistic expression.

In the 1980s, industrial interior design gradually permeated the mainstream. Fast forward to the present day, and you'll find that it has transcended its urban origins and is now prevalent in various settings, including suburban areas. Despite evolving over time, the fundamental tenets of this style remain unaltered: a celebration of imperfection, a strong emphasis on functionality, and a straightforward, no-frills approach to interior decoration.

Achieving an Industrial Style Living Room


In today's context, you don't need to reside in a converted factory to embrace the advantages of industrial interior design. You can seamlessly integrate certain design elements, such as concrete floors, brick walls, and exposed metal details, into your own home. While an industrial-themed living room might seem austere and unwelcoming, nothing could be further from the truth! By combining diverse textures and incorporating cozy accents, you can craft a space that is both inviting and stylish. Here's how to achieve this effect effectively.


Try Some Industrial Lighting..


Given that industrial interiors pay homage to the aesthetic of old factories, it's entirely appropriate to incorporate industrial-style lighting into your living room. Consider options like filament bulbs, ship lights, and pendant lamps encased in wire and metal cages. Copper and brass fixtures can lend a warm and inviting ambiance, while black or chrome fixtures provide a more contemporary touch to your room. Multi-directional floor lamps can also be a great addition to an industrial-themed living room, as can reclaimed factory lights.


Embracing Eclectism


An industrial-style interior can function as an ideal foundation for you to explore various styles and aesthetics. For instance, you can blend industrial elements with mid-century modern or retro details. Alternatively, you can introduce bohemian accents into an otherwise minimalist setting. The key is to cherry-pick the most appealing elements from diverse design traditions and fuse them in fresh and captivating ways. So, feel free to experiment and mix them up!


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